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Floaters and Vitreous syneresis

Hi there. My name is Owen and I am a 24 years old male with -6.50 (right) and -6.25 (left) myopia.

One month ago, I began to notice some transparent shape of things floating right in front of my eyes. I have read about floaters before as I have high degree of myopia. Therefore, I went to a eye doctor for examination. The doctor gave me a examination through spilt lamp after giving me some dilated pupil drops. He said my retina was fine but I had mild degree of vitreous syneresis.

One week after the visit, at one night when I moved my head quite hard in the dark I saw some flash and I started to fear a lot and was afraid that this was going to be a retinal tear or detachment. I went to a eye doctor the day after. He took a fundus photo of my eye (back of my eye) and said the photo showed that my retina was ok, no tear, no hole, no degeneration,no detachment. Basically the same conclusion as the former doctor. And I have never saw a flash after that incident.

I know I am being too sensitive about what's happening in my eyes but I am still so young and really do not want any accidents to happen. I am wondering will my condition develop into PVD over time and what's the chance of developing RD in my situation?

My doctor also suggests no rigorous sports for me and no sudden movement of my head. Is it push-ups and sit-ups ok for me to exercise? And am I ok to take plane in this situation? What else should I be careful in my daily life?

Thank you very much!
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First of all be sure your "eye doctor" is a Eye MD ophthalmologist not an optometrist. Your high degree of myopia needs the extra skill and training of a physician. Yes you will develop a PVD but most people do as they get older. It is not possible to give you an exact risk of developing an RD since it depends on what the back of your eye looks at but less than one in a thousand.  If you see an eye MD discuss this with her/him  if you see a non-MD optometrist please consider seeing an ophthalmologist.
Thank you Dr Hagan. My doctor is a Eye MD ophthalmologist. He said my risk of RD is not big considering my retina looks healthy but just thinner than non-myopia people as I have fairly high degree of myopia. But it still  kind of scares me even if the chance is smaill. What should I look for if my eyes develop to PVD? How does the flash look like? Would it happen along eye movement and closed eyes? Is push ups ans sit ups ok for me (My doctor said yes but it never hurts to get a second opinion). And what can I do to prevent RD or tear? Thank you!
The risk is very small as I said less than one in 1000.   Flashes are like flash bulb going off in eye, very bright, very short duration. Worrisome floaters are like soot in eye.  Exercise okay. Don't do theme park thrill rides that bump and jerk your head. If you plan contact sports wear proper eye protection. Don't stand on your head. Enjoy life
Thank you very much! Dr Hagan!
Just one more question, Doctor Hagan. Sometimes when I am in bed on my pillow and turn my head to the other side with my eyes closed, I see some white light at the corner of my eyes (Not very bright, do not flash, no shape, will dim after a few seconds and does not exist when eyes are open). I don't think this is related to PVD or RD. Is it because my head movement and some eye muscles' movement?
Read the section in wikipedia on 'entopic phenomena"  can get light from pressure on the eye or from rapid eye movement.
Sorry to bother you again, Dr Hagan. I still have some anxiety about the issue. Will doctors make mistakes given the exams they have taken with me?

As I said in the post, the first eye MD went through a split lamp examination with me after dilating my eyes. And he said my retina looked ‘flat' and only mild degree of vitreous syneresis.

And after that I experienced some kind of light effect at night with closed eyes and went to another eye MD (which was just five days ago), he did not  took the split light exam but took a fundus photo of my eyes with a machine and said my retina is ok and no tear or no degeneration.

Yesterday, I was still worried and went to yet another eye MD who is a retina specialist. After listening to my complaint, she did not take the dilated exam or the fundus photo, but sent me to do a B-scan to see if there is a PVD. Then again, the result only showed mild degree of vitreous opacitie and no PVD or RD. She told me the light may just be  'entopic phenomena' as you mentioned. And she said since the former two doctors had looked at my retina in two different ways and no problem they found, she would not go for the trouble and do the tests again.

I think I am having an anxiety problem here. Do you think the three doctors' exams could make sure my retina is fine (I mean no tear and no degeneration)?

I have scheduled an appointment for some counseling on my anxiety issue next Friday.

Thank you very much, Dr Hagan, for all your time and help here.
p.s. The time line of all the examinations is: April 9, April 18 and April 22.
It is not likely that three exams would fail to disclose a serious eye problem and I think the biggest problem is dealing constructively with your anxiety.
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