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Floaters is there any way to get rid of them

l have had floaters for 15 years and slowly get more over time, they dont affect my abilty to see but they really annoy me and affect my life , they say you get used to them over time  and your brain blocks them out or they sink out of view but that has'nt happened for me. l am thinking of laser treatment, is that effective , also what about surgery to replace the liquid in the eye  , is that very risky?
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Foaters are very common and often bothersome. There are not drops that make them go away although allopathic stores sell drops for floaters.  Various lasers have been tried over the years with variable success.  The most radical treatment is call "floaters only vitrectomy". It involves significant risks including cataract formation and infection. Generally it is not covered by insurance.  I have floaters all my life, including a gigentic Weiss Ring floater in my left eye. I only see them if I look for them, otherwise they fade into unconsciousness like our heart beat and intestines rumbling. I personally would never consider a floater only vitrectomy and do not recommend to my patients.
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The probelm is l see them all the time not just when l look for them. Have you heard of anyone who has success with laser, is laser risky. l already have  early stage cataracts and will need cataract sergury in a few years so the risk of cataracts from a virrectomy is not a problem, perhaps l could have a vitrectomy the same time as cataract surgery
Can't have vitrectomy same time as cataract surgery. The laser is not "highly successful" it is "sometimes successful"  You should be under the care of an Eye MD ophthalmologist. Discuss with the Eye MD.  Perhaps see a retina surgeon and discuss, general ophthalmologists do not do floater lasers or vitrectomies.
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