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I am nearsighted and have not witnessed floaters in my eyes before. However, when I'm in the light I notice a black floating dot from right eye which is my worse cataract eye from time to time. It's not always there but sometimes it appears. What may be the cause of this?
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Floaters are a normal part of the way the eye ages.  I'ts possible to be born with floaters.  The prevalence is roughly 10% per decade of life so by age 50 roughly half people have floaters.  Sudden onset of many floaters if associated with flashing light is usually posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) but exam by Eye MD is indicated to be sure no retinal tears or retinal detachment. If floaters look like soot in eye Eye MD needs to check to see if hemorrhage into eye.

Thank you for the reply. It's just appears randomly sometimes like a couple times a week, not sure why but I will get it checked. Do floaters ever completely disappear?
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Floaters generally do not go away in the sense of dissolving.  They may drop to the side or bottom of the eye and not be seen or the brain may learn to ignore them through the process of "neuroadaptation"   read the section on vitreous floaters on WebMD or emedicine or even wikipedia.
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