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Foaters and Weiss Ring

Last year, I went on line and was introduced to a doctor on the east coast who is able to remove floaters and Weiss rings.  I wrote him a lengthy letter to which he promptly replied by calling me personally at home and discussing with me at length exactly what it is he does and the results.

Unfortunately, I lost his name and number now and would really like to contact him again to discuss this possibilities of hving this procedure done.

I believe he is in either North or South Carolina or Virginia.  Do you know who I'm talking about?  Please reply if you do.  Thank you.
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Any retinal surgeon can remove floaters and Weiss rings. The procedure is one of the most common they do and is called a vitrectomy. A better question is SHOULD floaters and Weiss rings be removed. The answer in almost all cases is NO! The risk of vitrectomies include infection, bleeding, retinal detachment and the development or progression of a post operative cataract is almost inevitable.

Very small series of vitrectomies to remove a annoying floater or Weiss ring have appeared in the ophthalmology medical journals. The reaction of almost all ophthalmologists is to condemn the procedure in all but the most extenuating circumstances.

Very, very, very few retina surgeons would approve doing a vitrectomy for someone that is annoyed by floaters or a Weiss ring. Perhaps losing his name and number was a good thing.

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I need to add that vitrectomies are normally done legitimately to remove an eye full of blood (mainly diabetics), to remove inflammatory or infected material from the eye, to obtain vitreous biopsy or for bacterial culture, to aid in complicated retinal detachment or macular surgery, to aid in the recovery of foreign material or a 'dropped' nucleus from complications of cataract surgery.

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...may be www.eyefloaters.com? - laser treatment?
Vitrect. for floaters is bad idea.
  Best regards from Russia. Where are Prince, good health to him?  

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