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Folds in Choroid caused by Hypotony

I had a trabeculetomy in my left eye on Sept. 15th.  The doctor removed the first stitch with a laser - approximately one week after the operation.  One week later he removed a second stitch.   The day after he removed the second stitch I couldn't see out of the eye... everything was blurry.  I was told one of the side effects as the result of the operation was hypotony.  Apparently the hypotony from the operation has resulted in folds in choroid.  The doctor put a contact lense on my left eye but it has not helped to increase the pressure.   The pressure in my left eye varies between 4 - 7.  At this point I can not see out of the left eye... everything is blurry.  I have no sense of depth, my balance is very bad, and I have double vision.  Also My doctor wants to do surgery again... he wants to put a stitch back in the left eye.  Does anyone out there know how to cure the folds in choroid so I can see again?  I am very leary about surgery.  Is surgery my only option?   I appreciate all input.  Thanks
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The best way to resolve the folds is to find a way to increase the pressure in the eye (think of it as the folds on a balloon when there is insufficient air inside).  When conservative methods are not effective, surgery is the next best step since the goal will be to add a suture to tighten the flap to decrease the rate of fluid exiting the eye and hence raising the pressure.
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