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Fovea repair

Since my friend may have permanent damage to his fovea due to scar tissue, what can he do to prevent further injury from increasing damage and/or reduce the damage already done to this area?  Also, are scientist studying this part of the eye to repair damage to this very delicate part of the eye that comprises of less than 1% of the retinal size, but takes up over 50% of the visual cortex in the brain? I know that this part of the eye has been operated on before and can you tell me what the outcomes have been?  I am very optimistic due to the fact, that he is in his early 20's and science has come a long way in research for many miracles to occur.  What is the study called for this area of the retina and is there a foundation set up to assist financially for research?
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There are multiple associations set up to fund research.  The most prolific is RPB (research to prevent blindness), but if you do a google search you'll find multiple others.  There are people doing research with stem cell transplants and other forms of surgery to deal with maculopathy but to my knowledge, there haven't been any truly successful treatments for foveal scars.  Unlikely for such scarring to continue (depends on source of injury) so your friends vision is likely to stay stable at its current level.

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