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Funnel Retina Detachment

Would welcome some advice please.  I'm not sure what to do at this point!

Here's a quick summary. I was born with a cataract in my left eye and have seen on a very limited basis as I never received a lens implant. I recently went to the ophthalmologist due to a hemorrhage blood vessel in my left eye.

After a few visits I found out that I have a severe funnel retinal detachment. Two doctors both agree that an operation has a very low chance of success. Right now I've come to terms with being blind in that eye forever but, i'm trying to do what I can to save that eye. I'm still pretty young (30) and wouldn't would like to do everything in my power to not have a glass eye.

There is neovascularization of the iris, small eye and the eye won't dilate at all.

If I leave that eye alone and treat it well, is there a chance it will go on living? Both doctors think I'm going to lose it but have no idea on time frame. I can see a bright light if shined directly in to the eye but that's about it.

Pretty sad about all this.
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The neovascularization is not a good sign and you may develop severe glaucoma. I would consider surgery using silicone oil to at least save the eye.

Dr. O
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I've gone to two Retina specialists here in Las Vegas. They both don't want to do surgery for 'cosmetic reasons'. They don't see the benefit to them. But I'm 34 and single. I recently lost 180 lbs I've carried with me for life and and finally feel like I can be more social. Now I'm going to have a shrunken eye or prosthetic.

So to me, there is immense value in saving the eye even if no sight is regained.
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