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Ghost image after cateract surgery

My wife had cateract surgery about four years ago. Ever since the surgery she has seen a triple image of light sources. She has had three doctors look and say that the lens looks fine. However, nobody has seemed to want to try to find out what the problem actually is. She now needs a capsulectomy, and we are afraid to proceed with that until we can figure out what the ghost image problem is. What tests can be done besides a simple visual inspection? She even has her retinal photos, and on the image that shows the exterior of the eye you can see the light source and two ghost images on the eye that has had the lens replacement.
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The photo you looked at has no absolutely no relationship to what SHE sees.  Now, disregarding that, she still has ghost images and double or triple images.  Assuming the implant is not a multifocal like the ARRAY, and assuming it is in normal shape and normally centered - then  you would have to assume that there is some uncorrected astigmatism of the cornea or possibly some corneal irregularity that would be seen on corneal topography.  

I would proceed as follows:

1. Make sure implant is clear and centered and is at least a 6 millimeter optic

2.Make sure capsule is clear and have yag laser capusulotomy is needed and provided #1 above is ok

3.  Have corneal topography and make sure all astigmatism is corrected with glasses if necessary and if astigmatism is irregular and not correctable with glasses - see a corneal specialist about other ways to deal with it.

4.  If all above done and still no answers - get wavefront analysis to  look for higher and lower order abberation that could be present.

In the end - it may well be that she just has astigmatism and doesn't want to wear glasses.  Seen it many times.  COuld also be related to implant decentered or a small diameter implant of about 5 mm.  Finally irregular corneal astigmatism could also be a prime cause.

If glasses correct her  problem then she doesn't have a real problem - just needs to wear glasses.


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