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Ghosting, rays, and halos. Need a professional's opinion please?

Hi, recently I've been noticing problems with my vision and its really beginning to scare me. About a month ago, I began noticing a "ghosting" image when I looked at the LED clock on my stove in the kitchen. There was a double of the numbers slightly above it. Same thing also happens when I look at white text on black, or any bright color on a dark background, and especially LED lights. Also seems to happen when I look at TVs; the image seems to stretch slightly on to the top/bottom of the case. I've also noticed during movies, part of the film was stretching onto the black bars on the bottom/top of the screen. The ghosting also seems to happen more/be more noticeable when I'm actually thinking about it, could this be related to anxiety or something else? The ghosting is also present in both eyes, and doesn't go away when I close only one. (I also tried the pinhole test, and it goes away when I look through the hole with either eye). Another problem I've been experiencing (especially at night) is with street lights. I see "halos" around them and if I squint my eyes slightly, not even much, I see rays that come out of the lights. There is especially one big one that usually comes out from underneath it the light source and stretches in my vision. This is especially annoying because it happens every time I blink if the light is in my view of vision. This also happens with TVs, but only with bright parts of the screen and it usually only occurs depending on how far I'm standing from the TV, and the orientation of my head. I've tried researching everything I could, and the only conclusions I could come to were either astigmatism or cataracts. Is there anything else that could be causing this? If it helps, I have been on a poor sleeping schedule lately, and have been not getting much sleep at night. However, I have been taking naps a lot lately to try to compensate for that fact. I'm also only 18 years old and have always had 20/20 vision up until now if it helps. Thanks
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You gave a very long description but you had me at "ghosting" of your vision.  Most definitely you need to see an ophthalmologist for a complete evaluation.  I can name at least 20 things that could be the cause, but it could just be that you need glasses. There are of course conditions of the cornea or lens in particular that could be to blame.  Diabetes needs to be ruled out as well.
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When you have visual changes, always go have it checked out.  Your symptoms warrant this, as many common (and less common) problems can have these.   But, have your eyes checked out by an eye MD first, then go from there.

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