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Ghosting vision especially with light sources and droopy eyelid.

So I have drooping eyelid for several months now as far as I have noticed. But now, the ghosting image comes to play. Google told me it’s an autoimmune disease but my optometrist says ghosting is due to dry eyes. HELP.
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Google is notorious for telling you the worst possible causes and scaring the wits out of you.  See an Eye MD ophthalmologist for a cause. Take in several good face photos taken of you over the past 15 years so it can be determined if this is new or was present in the past. Also do not let the techs put eye drops in your eye till the Eye MD looks at the lid position.
Is the droopy eyelid cause of the ghosting image? It’s only with high definition lights such as digital, street lights and so forth. When I go up close, the ghosting disappears.
Droopy eyelid (ptosis) should not cause ghosting. It is unusual to suddenly develop especially young person and a cause needs to be determined.
Well can dry eye cause ghosting? Or it’s somethjng seriously wrong .
1. I cannot tell if you have seriously wrong over the internet. 2. Droopy eyelid is a much more concerning symptoms the 'ghosting'  3. Dry eye can cause ghosting but it generally goes away with blinking or instilling artificial tears.
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