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Ghosts after monofocal lens replacement

I recently had catatact surgery to replace the lens in my right eye.  The surgery seemed to go very well and healing was otherwise uneventful.  The surgery was 4 weeks ago.

The problem is, I have a kind of double vision coming out of that eye.  When I close my left eye, the straight lines on the highway appear to diverge by about 6 degrees.  My opthmologist says it will eventually go away.  However, it has not changed at all since the day after the surgery.

It appears to me that the lens is of a improper match for my eyes.  It is important the note that I had RK surgery 14 years ago in this eye.  I will soon need the left eye replaced and do not want to do that one until this one is resolved.  Should I wait another two months or proceed for a second opinion and the the lens replaced again?

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second opinion is not a bad idea.  Wait another couple of months otherwise and see wht the final results are before making any further decisions.

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