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Glare, starbursting, floaters, perhaps loss of vision

Hello. I'm a normal, young person in my twenties. I'm overally very healthy, never had any major diseases or such.

However, last spring I started having some strange vision problems in both of my eyes.

Here's _ALL_ the symptoms I've had over the past 4 months or so... (Note that some of these MIGHT be normal effects and I realize that I do pay too much attention to my vision currently.)

I first realized that my eyes are having a lot more "photophobia" and sensitivity to light. The light often "floods" into all over my vision, causing "glare" -effect thus reducing my contrast of seeing some objects. Very annoying.

I've also noticed that there is a halo around lights, sometimes it is rainbow colored.

Also, to me lights appear to scatter as if they were stars, like starbursting which is worst at night. I can even see these starbursts at daytime. At first I could only see them at nights. I've noticed that blue, especially neon blue lights scatter more than normal light, especially if it is a LED light.

And then. About 1-2 months ago I suddenly started having a lot of floaters in my eyes, which have never been there before and I think they have increased by a lot now. At first I thought I had around 4-5 of them, over my vision, but now there is more like 15 or more of them, different shapes which move when I try to catch them with my eyes.

I also realized something strange, when I look at a very bright light, yeah, I can see the floaters more clearly then. However, I noticed that there is also something else there - it looks like there is like a whole FIELD of small tiny cells floating downwards in my vision, much like floaters, but a whole field of these tiny little bubbles.

Also, it kind of feels as if I can't see that clearly these days. It's hard to explain. When I look at a white wall, it somewhat feels like the wall isn't completely white and that there is some reducement in my whole field of vision. My nightvision feels like it has gone a lot worse than it used to be. Also, in dark when I move my head and eyes around, I can see some flashes of light, but I think this is a normal phenomeon.

I've visited 2 eye doctors over the last 3 months and they couldn't tell me what is wrong. I'm thinking tha maybe I have a vitreous detachment. but what can cause the other symptoms, glare, starbursting, halos and loss of vision, floaters? :/

i've got myopia, -4.5 diopers in both of my eyes.

I'm kind of getting depressed of this as it feels like I'm alone with this problem and nobody can tell me what is wrong. Of course, I'm also worried that I'm eventually get blind and nobody can help me with it. :( I am hoping that someone could give me some directions what might be wrong.
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I've also mainly used soft contact lenses, however after these symptoms began, I stopped wearing them.
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Just adding something again

Eye pressures were perfectly normal both times and both the doctors said that the retina looks normal and healthy. I've also been to blood tests, which were perfectly normal. No diseases like diabetes or anything were seen there.
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Are you seeing an EyeMD (an ophthalmologist)?   The glare symptoms are usually not associated with floaters (which can be due to a vitreous detachment).  See another EyeMD.

Dr. O.
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Yes, I was in the exam of an ophtalmologist. I will see another EyeMD soon. I'm just afraid that he can not tell me anything else than the other two.
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"However, I noticed that there is also something else there - it looks like there is like a whole FIELD of small tiny cells floating downwards in my vision, much like floaters, but a whole field of these tiny little bubbles."

When I had truly sharp vision I used to stare at the sky and watch the "tiny cells floating downwards."  I was studying highschool biology at the time and assumed they were single-cell organisms that my eyes had magnified. They were nearly transparent. Alas, my eyes are not so great anymore and I can no longer see them. And I can no longer see dust motes or the veins on the wings of a fly.
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I was visiting an ophtamologist today and he diagnosed me with a vitreous detachment. He said it is not common for young people, but it had happened to me. He said that the other symptoms are "most probably" because of it. It kind of left me ponder, still.

Can dry eyes cause such symptoms? I'm living in an apartment that has somewhat dry air. It feels like I have dry eyes especially when I wake up but it gets better when the day goes on. I do not think retinal detachment can cause all these symptoms.

Thanks for the replies this far!
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Sorry, I meant Vitreous detachment in the post - NOT retinal detachment:)
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Hello, it's me here again.

During a month or two or so, it seems like I've developed new symptoms which kinda seem more scarier than the other symptoms I've had.

Sigh. Now it seems like there is something really missing in my vision. I can't see as clearly as before and some objects seem to fade into each others, it's as if I can't really tell the shapes of some objects in dark. Even regocnizing persons in dim light has become hard to me. It feels like there are some small blind spots around my vision too

When I go to sleep I can see some strange lights they seem to move rapidly and that if there was some sort of black TV noise or something. It's hard to explain.

I've also noticed that when I cover my other eye and stare at some object, for example a clock on the wall, it starts to disappear. Reading and looking at any kinda grid or for example, a shirt with stripes has become somewhat uncomfortable for me to look.

An ophtamologist couldn't say what was wrong and he thought I am just imagining and didn't take it seriously. I'm kinda getting depressed of this. Feels like nobody can tell or help me with this situation. Atleast not before I totally get blind.
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Ok, I was at an opthamologist again today and she did a very careful and deep examination on my eyes and said they look healthy. Since I told her about the new symptoms and that I feel like I've lost some vision, she wrote me an admission note for further investigations to the eye clinic of our major hospital in this city. She said that my symptoms refers that there is something going on in my retina and that some of the symptoms refer to an early retinitis pigmentosa, even though my eyes looked fine. I somewhat doubt it's about it since nobody in our family ever has gotten blind of any eye disease. (haha lol, maybe i'm the first one then..)

That actually relaxed me so much now that I know that PERHAPS I will get to know what is wrong. It's probably going to take several weeks, even a month until I get to the further examinations, but I am ok with it.

Think she said that in the further examinations, they will examine my night vision, visual field, some nerves, brain and other stuff.

Lol doubt nobody is reading this anyway, but I'll keep updating my status anyway. Atleast it's somehow helping me to reduce stress when I'm writing here.

Hey, did you ever get to know what it was?
Dang you never finished telling us what happened man! Need to know if youre doing alright! I have 1 floater and after reading this I feel like Im perfectly fine. But yea, would be cool to know if the final bigtime examiners actually helped you.. or if they just left you with a “Shake it off” pat on the back and left you to be blind :(
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So how are things today?
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Hi.  I have noticed many of the symptoms you described as well. I notice visual static when I look at the sky or at a white wall.  Also, floaters are very apparent for me especially in bright settings.  Lights are also noticeably brighter. I first noticed these symptoms after attending a 3 days festival where I consumed a lot of MDMA all 3 days.  I don't know if there is any correlation there, but that's kind of what I assumed.  Symptoms have certainly gotten more noticeable over the past couple years.  I've been to the eye doctor as well and he says its nothing to worry about.  I believe that its more a change in perception than an actual medical condition.  Anyways, I hope that makes you feel a little better. You aren't alone.
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Hello, im 27 years old. I just read all of your comments and it made me feel much better. I have all of the feels your having. I went to the eye doctor three times for the same reasons you have. They can't answer anything for me. I have 20/20 vision. no health issues.They said cost $20000 to take out the floaters and 50/50 chance I might go blind. I been having this problem for a year. I been depress and no support next to me. People said I think to much. I also have really bad pressure on my eye and everyday I have bad headache. Can you keep me updated with your other visit. Thank you
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i having same problem
what u have done now?
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I know this is a bit late but I have the exact same problems to a tee [tessihs ] I think that I have also had a posterior vitreous detachment. Im just a normal person im 14 it all started back last year in august just started with 1 little floater and turned into many of the horrible things. Then a month ago I started with the symptoms you describe I get glare from most light sources.          

When im in a dim room and im looking at the window all I see is glare below the window with them floater like cells falling downwards like a waterfall. This goes away when I open my eyelid flully only for a few seconds.

Another symptom I get is starbursts from cars mainly on the sun reflections they are so big and vibrant and bright these are then followed by after images because of the light beams coming from them.

Please if someone could shed some light on wheather they think its a posterior vitreous detachment or something else once again tessihs thank you for telling us that you have had the same symptoms because i thought it was just me lol.also would a vitrectomy get rid of the symptoms. [LIAM A]            
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I've had almost all of the symptoms that you've mentioned for years. Besides having many floaters in my vision. I first noticed that I was seeing glare, flashes, and star rusts when I was 12 and it freaked me out, it still freaks me out at 15. I can make the light stretch if I concentrate hard enough. I have bad vision though (one eye is nearsighted and the other is farsighted) so I at first thought that it was normal. I can also sometimes see glows around people. I tried to tell my optometrist but they thought that I was saying that I saw it only with my glasses on. No one really takes me seriously when I tell them so after awhile I stopped trying to get people to understand.

Light has became exceedingly annoying the past few years so I almost always stay inside in a darkish room. I get really bad pressure and dryness in my eyes very frequilently. Of course I have a somewhat weak body so I tend to worry about my Heath issues and moniter every aspect of my health all the time. Hopefully it's nothing serious because no one will take me seriously about it
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Hey guys, 20 year old male here and experiencing same problems as OP. Really would like a response from him or anyone else regarding current status.  Very worried about this stuff and am having trouble sleeping and not being so anxious.
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Hey guys, 20 year old male here and experiencing same problems as OP. Really would like a response from him or anyone else regarding current status.  Very worried about this stuff and am having trouble sleeping and not being so anxious.
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Hey I too have the symptoms. So I am interested in your replies. After the latest diagnosis What did your doctor said?
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Hey OP, please let us know what happened. I also have similar symptoms.
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Reference to all comments made: my son suffered for 4 years with many of the symptoms described here. Hospital made a mis-diagnosis of a vitreous detachment & also sent him for neurological tests... He has just been diagnosed finally with a rare condition called Azoor , flashing lights, sparks, floaters, bright light intolerance etc....  
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hey would like to know what has been your final diagnosis?
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This is a good reference for AZOOR full name is
Acute zonal occult outer retinopathy (AZOOR) associated with multifocal choroidopath
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hey!how are you now?what has been your diagnosis?
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