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Glare and blurred vision

Here's my eye history, when I was only 20 years old in 2011, I developed ocular shingles in my left eye and was treated for it. I experienced glare and blurriness for a few months but after a series of prednisone eye drops and anti viral medicine (acyclovir) my eye made a full recovery. Although for roughly 6-12 months after my left eye did still feel a little weak and would dry out easily. Finally it was completely back to normal until recently. About 4 months ago my left eye started frequently becoming dry and irratated, especially after prolonged exposure to of computer use or reading. I tried using itchy eye drops and lubricants at first but they did nothing. Then it seemed to become blurrier and easily prone to glare, especially at night. About two months ago my doctor put me back on the prednisone drops and they seem to help with the irratation to some extent but the vision problems never went away. I frequently get my eye checked and I do have scarring on my cornea which they say might be a cause but I don't think so. I've had no other eye injuries since shingles and I think the scarring has been there for a while. So how can my vision suddenly change out of the blue? My left eye has 20/20 or had** when there was no glare. It still does have 20/20 vision if I use the little device with pin holes in it to look through but without it the glare is to much to see nearly as clear. Someone please help me and give me advice if you have ever had or seen any cases similar to this.
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You might want to check for cataracts..that is how thy started for me...I have posterior cataracts so in their early stages a little difficult to detect,specially if you are young, they are not the first diagnosis.
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