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Glare/hazy light bordering bright objects on black [contrast]

I went to eye doctor [ophthalmologist] two months ago and they just kind of said they could see nothing wrong with my eyes and its probably just dry eye. Admittedly I do have dry eye but warm compresses/drops do not have any effect on my condition. They said have patience for three months and we will try restasis but I think my eyes being dry is just a complication do to the strain of what I am seeing.

When I view an object that is bright on a dark background I get a hazy bright border around it that appears at different depth of the object. Depending on how bright high it contrasts with black the more I see it. I guess this could be said to be "glare" but its so bad I get it on televisions and whenever I search for glare and televisions I just get results about the other "glare"/ shut your blinds. I get night glare but I can tend to ignore this because I don't have to focus on it but this is especially bad on my monitor/television since I game. If I open notepad on a black black screen its almost painful from strain.

Whenever I am running this test of black screen and notepad. If I change the black screen to grey - It disapears. Turn black back on - instantly back. There is never a time this is better. I first noticed this when I got an oled tv. Went back to my old lcd but it eventually started to give me the same issue. I've occasionally noticed double images in single eyes but this can be alleviated with drops.
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I can't definitely tell you what the problem is.  The widespread and prolonged use of computer, phone, ipad, video gaming and hours upon hours of screen time is causing an epidemic world wide of dry eyes in young people. It's possible your symptoms could be due to try eye but if you put in artificial tears or blink several times the symptoms should get better.
Unfortunately drops/blinking or even time does not diminish the glare I see. Its always present. If I were open notepad on a black background on pc the whole entire border will appear glare-like.
If it bothers you enough to spend more time and money you can see a cornea specialist, ask to have a cornea topography to rule out irregular astigmatism,  another look at your lens to be sure clear and get a macular OCT to be sure you don't have macular pathology.
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