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Glares and halos

Hello, I went in for an eye exam by an opthomologist. They say my retinas are fine. Performed slit lamp, scleral depression, and used a magnifying lens as well as retina imaging. I'm having these steady glares and halos in my vision. They note that there's no retina damage and also performed a dye test on my corneas. What could be wrong. I have a prescription of -1.75, -1.25.
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Many causes for glare/halos:  cornea disease, cataracts, macular disease, needing glasses, improper glasses RX, poorly fit glasses,  irregular astigmatism.   What did the ophthalmologist say? Had your glasses RX changed?
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No. My prescription has always been steady. However this happened after initial optometrist exam. I complained of flashes of color lights at night and black specks and they said my retinas were ok and that they didn't note cornea damage when the dye was used.
Should I get an MRI done?
I also have stinging pains as if I've had surgery done. No surgery done at all. Ever. No other health issues medically
Also, I am 21 yrs old. Parents have no eye issues other than age related issues. No ocular diseases
Don't think there is enough going on to warrant the expense and radiation exposure of MRI.  Glare/halo/ghost images very common complaint.   Most Eye MDs would probably recommend expectant observation waiting to see if new symptoms develop or present symptoms worsen.
Thank you. However I am really concerned because the glare/halo/starburst issue is both day and night around certain light sources and headlights. For example, both headlights would show a halo but sometimes 1 headlight will show the halo and the other headlight will appear as if it's completely turned off as if the car is not on.
If you want to put more time and money into this complaint then see an Eye MD that specializes in cornea and refractive surgery. Have a cornea topography done. You may also need a trial of contact lens to see if that takes the problem away. Much more productive and less expensive than MRI.
I totally agree with your suggestions "Mr. John Hagan".  Your suggestions are always useful for all those people who really want to reduce own eye problem early. Thanks for sharing such an informative tip.
You are welcome. Happy New Year.
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