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Glasses and correcting eye sight?


I went in for an exam over the weekend since my insurance is changing and I had the option to drop vision coverage(if my insurance change never happened I probably would not have gone in). I figured lets go in for an eye exam and if all is good then drop it. I got a full eye exam with dilation of the pupils and all that great stuff.

Apparently though my eyes are a bit weak(farsighted) though and they recommended glasses. They want me back in 3 months to see if wearing glasses corrects my problem.

I always thought that once you get glasses that is it you on them for life. I am kinda scared that it will make my eyes worse. I am still going to get some pair of glasses as my insurance covers(time is running out to claim them) them and better have it just encase everything they say checks out.

I been thinking about it and I going to go for a second opinion to make sure this is not a problem I had in the past were I was stressed out from schooling and since my profession I was studying for was to do with computers it caused my eyes to be strained and dry and basically eye drops solved the problem.

My glasses I would need would need to be

+1.25 and +1.50
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Refraction (used to make glasses) change.

You are farsighted and this tends to increase with age since accommodation decreases.

Dr. O.

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I am not sure what your saying? You saying that after 3 months I will need a stronger pair of glasses?
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He's saying that over time your eyes will need a stronger prescription. 3 months? Probably not. A year or two? Maybe.

My vision changes (gets worse) every year but it's so minor that I typically wait three years between getting new glasses. Then again, my glasses typically costs over $400.

They probably want to see you in three months to see how you're handling the glasses since you've never worn them before.

Glasses won't make your vision worse.
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I went back and have to make a new appointment. They are going to do another check to make sure the results are right(standard practice at the place I went too). The Doctor again said my eyes are good and that my left eye is slightly worse and with wearing the glasses it can correct this.

The doctor went on to say this is only for when I am on the computer and if I want to night driving and that after three months I may not need glasses anymore even for the computer.

So I guess I will see what happens but second time they stated that after 3 months there is a very good chance I won't need them and unless they are lieing for some reason they I am going to take them at their word. It maybe after 3 months I need them longer but how I am understanding it this seems temporary and limited only to the computer time.
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