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My mother has been recently diagnosed with glaucoma in her left eye. Her doctor gave an eye drop to reduce the pressure on her eye. The doc said with the eye drop she can bring down the pressure and use it till the next complication arises. what is your experience, I was wondering if anyone else has this condition,  and will she lose sight in that eye in a few years?
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Your question is far too generalized to answer. Glaucoma is not one disease but more than a dozen diseases.  Most new cases of glaucoma are treated with laser (Selective laser trabeculoplasty) rather than drops.  Most glaucoma cases caught early, treated by competent ophthalmologist and conscientious patients do not end up with blindness. Be sure your mother is seeing an Eye MD ophthalmologist and not an non-MD optometrist,   as the ophthalmologist about laser treatment.  And if your mother really has the most common type of glaucoma (open angle) it increases the risk to you and your siblings. See an ophthalmologist annually and tell him/her about your mother.  
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