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to begin with my wife has a close angle and open angle on both eye. last year when we received our visa to come to canada we have them treated using laser surgery on both eyes but 6 months later after the operation the pressure on her eyes increase again even if she has a daily dose of eye meds, (travatan, prescribed by her doc) now when she came back to the philippines last october the IOP increased to 68 as per her visit to the doctor. the doc on the other end advised her to have an eye operation(traditional method) to reduce the pressure to which i disagree since it was treated about not more than a year ago. she is schedule to return here in canada sometimes this month but the doctor said that she can't because of the high level of IOP on her eyes. is there any method to reduce IOP without resorting to surgery? i want to have it treated here in canada which has better doctors than in the philippines. to tell you frankly i have no trust of filipino doctors. i need a second opinion and proof so that i can send it to my wife for medical purposes, please help. im in distress gloucoma can cause blindness.
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You have a full blown crisis on your hands. If the IOP is 68 loss of vision is extremely likely and often in a very short period of time (days to weeks).

If you are not comfortable with the eye physsicians in the Philippines then I would return to Canada immediately and also start working on getting her seen just as soon as she arrives. From the many posts that come from Canada and complain about the extreme delays she cannot afford to wait weeks to months to bee seen. She should be seen immediately upon arrival to canada.

If she cannot return then try and get a second opnion at a philippines medical school Dept of Ophthalmology.

Get moving on this RIGHT NOW.

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Hi Christopher,

I can't personally vouch for this hospital, but it was recommended to me by a friend who had surgery there.

American Eye Centre located in Manila:  http://www.eyecenter.com.ph/

Good luck,
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