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Gold Ring When i Close My Eyes in the Morning

I was wondering if you could help me explain and understand what is going on when I close my eyes. I'm 15 and have good eyesight but sometimes when I'm in the shower, and it's only ever in there, I close my eyes and see this goldy/ white-yellow partial ring in my vision. It's more colourful than an after image!
So this partial ring starts off as two separate curved lines and then if I focus on it grows into a thick ring.
I've looked around and there isn't anything in my bathroom that makes this weird shape!
Help would be very much appreciated :)
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It is probably not a big deal.  You should have an annual eye exam to make sure your eyes are healthy.  See if it could be the light in the bathroom leaving an afterimage (lighting is sometimes different).  It could also have to do with you rubbing your eyes in the shower or closing them tightly to prevent shampoo from going in.  There are rare neurologic conditions that could theoretically cause a similar phenomenon in the shower but I highly doubt that's the case and would not pursue it further if that is the only place you have the symptoms and no other concerns or symptoms exist.

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