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Got Punched in the face.

I  got into a fight and got punched in the eye, it swelled up and got a black and blue eye. after a while the swelling went away and the bruising is fading. I noticed that my pupil won't constrict when exposed to light. will this fix itself or am i going to be stuck with a dilated eye like David Bowie ?
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Extremely important to go see an Eye MD ophthalmologist. This indicates severe trauma to your eye and you could have internal problems like detached retina or traumatic hyphema or iritis. See one tomorrow, call today.
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I set up an appointment with an ophthalmologist because when i went to the ER they followed up with an Optometrist. There was nothing major just said my Iris was affected when i got hit.
That IS SERIOUS.  Try and get in Monday.
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