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I had pinguecula removal surgery using the amniotic membrane graft technique with fibrin glue on the medial side of both eyes about a month and a half ago from Dr. Gulani. My eyes are more white than they were before, but now I have Granuloma (granulation tissue) poking out in both my eyes. My doctor said this happens in 3% of his patients...Just my luck.  So I am back on steroid drops to try and shrink the granuloma. I know that being on steroid dops for a long time can cause Glaucoma. I also know that if I get it removed, it could grow back... Is there any hope for me? What are my options?
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The steroid drops or a steroid injection would be the initial therapy to treat the granuloma.  As long as you are getting your eye pressure checked periodically and it is maintained in the normal range, glaucoma is not an issue.  If the pressure is high, additional pressure-lowering medication can be added while you are still on the steroid drops.  Glaucoma only occurs if your eye pressure is above normal for a prolonged period of time so the steroid drop itself doesn't cause glaucoma, only its side effect of high pressure if you happen to be a steroid responder.
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