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Grey Spot in central vision and flashing when blinking

I first noticed this problem two months ago. I started getting this blurry grey spot just a bit off from the center of my left eye. The spot is oval-shaped, it has a fixed position, it's not completely opaque and flashes brightly when I blink. I do not see it in the dark or when I keep my eyes closed after the initial flash.

Around the same time, I was fighting a sinus infection and bad seasonal allergies with lots of pressure around my sinuses. I was prescribed antibiotics and I had an eye exam around the same time and the doctor didn't seem to worried about the spot. He said it was probably a floater. I have other floaters in my other eye that are more hair-like and move about.

I stopped worrying about the spot and it seemed to go away after a week or two. Then, two weeks ago, it came back when moving some boxes from the basement. I thought it was a migraine (which I get when the seasons change and it was very humid and stormy the previous few days), but the headache didn't come and I was just left with the spot.

I'm stumped as to what it could be. CSR seems to be a good candidate, but I'm not a doctor. I have a very stressful job and I'm usually pretty tense (I clench my jaw throughout the day, tight muscles). I take nasal spray to control allergies daily.

I'm a little worried about it since eye problems can be associated with a number of health issues. Anyone have any advice or experience?

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This may or may not comfort you. I've had the exact same thing for the past 10 years. The thing you are describing has occurred numerous times in both eyes (not at the same time). I have had numerous dilated retinal exams. All clear. Visual field tests also fine.
I've never received an explanation. BUT I have spoken to many people with the same complaint. ALL have migraine with aura. I have no doubt there is a relationship. Migraine suffers have messed up blood flow in the brain. FACT. The retina is part of the brain. Ergo. I just wish there was more inisight into this condition. I'm tired of a decade of shrug offs.
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You do need to see an ophthalmologist as this could be CSR, macular disease, retinal vascular disease.  Find an Eye MD at www.aao.org    Google Amsler Grid, read about the test and how to take it, print out a grid and take an amsler gride test on both eyes. Do daily to monitor the spot.

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Just to update and close this case. I went to the ophthamologist yesterday and the doctor found a large fixed floater. He said that it would be permanent but I'd learn to not notice it.
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Hello! I'm 35-year-old male. and I am having the same for about 1 year. On a high tension day I Got this. I Saw more than 4 doctors. one of them take an eye scan and found a small budging on behind the eye ball he said it is occurred through Stress. and it will take time to go off he suggest two methods. one - Go for a Laser treatment and the other - Use Eye-Vital (ANTIOXIDANT Vitamins & Minerals Capsules) daily. I take the second method, once I started using eye vital a few weeks later its gone, so i stop using medicine after a coarse. within two days it came back. so i again started the medicine. now its gone within 4 days. so i continued using it if i accidentally stop it for more than 3 days it will be back. is any one have a better solution for it.
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Hi, I know it’s better then 10 years later, however I have the same issue for the last couple weeks and I was wondering what the long term results were?  Did it dissolve or disappear?
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