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Grey discolouration around eye...please help!

I'm 16 years old, female, in case age is a factor or something.
The other day I got decorative eye contacts, wore them for about six hours - I'd disinfected them and all...it was my first time wearing contacts. I only wore them once.
Now though I notice a grey discolouration around the top and bottom of my iris, like crescents and I'm beginning to worry, after hearing about eye infections caused by contacts like these and all. I hope it isn't keratitis or something!
About my life recently, I have been eating more than usual (mostly junk food) and was wondering if that might be the cause instead (hopefully)...
I'm really worried, so if you could help me I'd be so appreciative!
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Don't wear those contacts if you don't have a prescription for them from an eye doctor.  If you don't have any pain or vision change, it is unlikely it is keratitis from the lenses.  You do need to go see an ophthalmologist thought to figure out why you have the discoloration you describe.

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