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Grits in the eye

I was fine, and the next second I know I feel something gritty went into my right eye. I did not see anything go in nor could I remember touching my eye. It's been a day now and at times it feels like it is gone. The next instant I know the grittiness is back, it seems to move around with eye movement. I tried taking water in my hands and washing my eye with it, I tried going under the eyelid with my fingers but nothing gritty comes out and it sometimes just gets worse. My eyes are not constantly red or watery, but is irritating the eye I can feel it and it leaves a crust in the middle of the eye when I sleep. I used an allergy eye drop but it is still there. What should I do please? Does any one have any suggestions? Thanks
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If this is a new problem starting in the last day or two and it is still present tomorrow (Monday) I would try to get in to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist.  If it is a chronic problem and has been present for months to years the most common thing that would cause is it ocular surface disorder, which people call 'dry eye' or a low level eyelid condition called blepharitis. Again getting in to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist would be the thing to do.
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Thank you very much Doctor. After reading your post I looked up on blepharitis and found some youtube videos to clean the eyes, and it worked miraculously! I have a cat so I have been suffering from eye allergies for the past few after developing immunity to him. Thank you!
You are welcome. We have 3 cats that make my eyes itch
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