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HELP! I'm 17 and have had 6 retinal tears, whats causing this??

I'm a little myopic and have had undiagnosed celiacs for a while but i got that under control and its still tearing. I've had 5 of them in the past 6 month, could i be getting pvd this young? They started in the right eye and i've now got one in the left. The doctors are confused and think it could be my shortsightedness but i'm -5.75 and -6 in the other, and have holes in both! Any clues? Really need to figure this out.
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Forgot to mention that one has already caused a localised detachment and some of my inner peripheral vision is missing. ALL of the tears are on the peripheral of my retina!
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You are highly myopic (long eye) this predisposes to retinal hotes/tears/detachments. You may also have some other retina condition that further increases the risk like extensive lattice degeneration. You need to be under the care of a highly competent Eye MD ophthalmologist that has special training in retina/vitreous diseases. You may need your retina checked every 6 months, may need to curtain your activities to avoid things that can cause retina tears (contact sports, high velocity-high torque amusement type thrill rides).   If you have siblings they need to be checked also as they could be at risk.
You are not 'a little myopic"
Thankyou for your response! I'll look into lattice degeneration but would it be obvious for an ophthalmologist to see? They say they can't see why its happening, i'm also worried about my eye pressure now where they are at 17 and 18. Thank you for your help!
Don't worry about your eye pressure (IOP) those are normal  (normal 21 or less but IOP changes over day).   You need a special kind of Eye MD ophthalmologist that has additional training in 'vitreous and retinal-macular disease" and  lattice might not be readily visible in routine eye exam, takes dilated pupil, and often special extra exam called peripheral retina scleral depression
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