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Hairs Growing In My eyes!

Hello I was using this products for 3 weeks brow and lash growing gel it was working great I had my lashes where I wanted them so I stopped using it... well mayne 3 days later my eyes bothering me it felt like somthing was in my eye so I was looking to see if somthing was there.. I saw a hair I thought no big deal I will get it out,,,, I though it was an eyelash that fell in there.... but to my surprise the hair was growing out of the pink corner part of the inside of my eye.... I pulled it out but soon discovered there was alot more hairs growing in my eye... all the pink parts of my eye has hair growning there......... everywhere! Im scared I dont know what I could do.... go to the dr but what would they do??????? they would have to take my eye out because the hair is upder my eyelid aswell ????? and wuld it grow back if they removed them... please help
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see response to your last post.
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