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Halos around lights

For several months I have been seeing halos around lights in my right eye only. I have never had any eye surgery (laser or otherwise) performed. I went to my eye MD and was told that I had an issue with the epithelium layer disruption and that I could have a procedure done to remove it and when it re-grew, it would be better. About 6 weeks ago I had a superficial kerotectomy performed and I am still seeing the halos, without any improvement.

The Eye MD says it will just take additional time, possibly another couple of months and told me to simply use lubricating eye drops every couple of hours and to return in 2 months. He also said that it might require having the surgery redone, but in a more aggressive manner where more of the epithelium is removed.

Since I did not have any improvement in 6 weeks, I am wondering if this is the correct course of treatment or if there is something else that can or should be done?

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I would see an EyeMD who specializes in diseases of the cornea.  Corneal topography and a rigid gas-permeable contact lens over-refraction should be done to assist in diagnosis.
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