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Has anyone had multiple YAG procedures, vitrectomy and IOL replacement?

66 year old female had first cataract surgery on left eye April 2019. Lens moved, had repositioning surgery in June. Continued to have "vasoline vision" and intense feeling of "string" in eye and general "my eyeball doesnt feel like it fits in socket". 1st YAG in July, 2nd YAG in August, 3rd YAG today (September) and vision still blurry, cloudy, splotches, weird refections when I blink. I know this is frustrating for my surgeon, and me too.  Will return for evaluation in 4 weeks with possibility of replacing this lens that just may not fit my eye and a vitrectomy. Would like to hear from others who may have been through this. I am told this is a rare complication. I opted for a plain IOL, nothing complicated. I have worn glasses since age 16. I have always loved wearing eyeglasses.
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As a minimum I would get an independent 2nd opinion from a different group of surgeons. In every large community there is usually one eye surgeons that specializes in unusual post op problems.  Yours is highly unusual especially 3 yag capsulotomies.
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Thank you Dr Hagan, I would like to get another independent opinion.
FYI: My medical history is somewhat complex. I have a previous diagnosis of Histoplasmosis - d
Disseminated and  Histoplasma Capsulatum  Retinitis. I had a left Thoracotomy for a histoplasmoma that grew on the outside of my lung and was attached to my aorta and was crushing my windpipe in 1993. Had gallbladder removed in 1994 due to histo. I still have histo scars in both eyes. My seye urgeon says the histo has nothing to do with what I am experiencing with cataract surgery complications.
I agree. Histo causes other types of problems.
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