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Healing vitreous hemorrhage and floaters

it's almost 2 years now I've been noticing a discomfort in my vision in right eye.i don't know how to explain it,  it's as if some strain or as if some blocking kind of sensation in right eye and with both eyes together. When I read from near v with  my good eye closed,  it appears blurred or smaller. Far vision is good.  i went to multiple eye examinations and was told nothing is wrong and it is age related decrease.  almost a year now I also developed floaters and I was told that is common. last month I went to an ophthalmologist and he actually told me i have a healing vitreous hemorrhage in my eye and that the floaters are due to this and that it will go way.  could the vision discomfort that i experience be due to this? I have a headache almost constantly now which I'm attributing could be due to the difference between the eyes? thank you for any inputs
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1. Discomfort in the eye is such a vague symptom that I cannot offer any comments. Generally if it is serious it will get worse over time and/or new symptoms appear. 2. The image size in each eye often varies especially without glasses. they is often due to differences in the glassex RX.  Myopia makes things look smaller and hyperopia larger.  2. Floaters are a part of the way an eye ages,  eventually the vitreous shifts (posterior vitreous detachment) this also is normal.  In a very small number of people as the PVD occurs it can cause a retinal tear, hole, detachment or hemorrhage. This is NOT normal.  A vitreous hemorrhage is NOT normal and the eye needs to be carefully examined using "dilated exam, indirect ophthalmoscopy and scleral depression"  plus a follow up exam 4-6 weeks later needs to be done.  A PVD is not painful nor are floaters.  A constant headache is RARELY due to the eyes or glasses and other causes must be sought. You might consider seeing a retina specialist to see if you really had a vitreous hemorrhage.
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