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Heat applied to the eye have an ill effect

Hello, I suffer from dry eyes and I have read that a hot compress on the eye lids can help ,so I have been soaking cotton wool in hot water , rinsing them then placing them onto my closed eyelids and gentley massaging them ,I was wondering if the heat can have an ill effect on the pigments (melanin) in the iris causing a hyperpigmentation (darkening of the iris color)?
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Not not a concern. There are far more effective ways of applying sustained heat than what you are doing. This is the one that many ophthalmologist recommend.   LINK  https://dryeyemasks.com/products/bruder-dry-eye-masks-with-moist-heat-with-medibeads?gclid=Cj0KCQjwv5uKBhD6ARIsAGv9a-zpmznaL9Dzbgfd2O2cSP0iLekpcj2pE_I3cRyWj3wzHVdX0VgdVzYaAv6fEALw_wcB     Bruner eye mask other options are available search "eye heating pads"
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Will this mask help decrease the number of times that I have to use lubricating eye drops for contacts (which is 4 to 6 times a day) ? I also use a lubricating eye gel at night.
So heat has no effect on the iris pigments?
Pauline:  Can't say for sure that it would decrease in your case but as a generalization does reduce # of drops. If you are using artificial tears 4-6 times/day and gel at bedtime without relief you should see an Eye MD ophthalmologist to discuss going on restasis. I have posted this before but both my wife and I have severe dry eyes. after using tears 4-8 times/day we have been on restasis  for 7-8 years with great results. There are newer product Xiidra, which I have tried in my practice and i don't like, and Cequa which is more expensive that Restasis and should not be the initial drop.

Annogorm: no the heat has not effect on the iris pigments, any more than going outside on a hot day.  
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