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Help, possoble eye cancer?

I am originally from Ireland, now living in the U.S.  and need some advice for my mom, please. We have an appointment set up for her with her cancer doctors, but the soonest she can get in is 2 weeks from now.  Living this far away is particularly rough in times like this  We are going crazy in anticipation of what they might say.

She has beaten cancer twice now - breast cancer and lymphoma. She took tomoxafin for years, now femera, in the hopes of keeping further breast cancer away.  Upon a recent visit to the eye doctor, they noticed something behind her eye and told her it has to be cancer again. Actually, they said "There's no way it's not cancer". They are not cancer specialists, hence the referral to her cancer doctors.
She sees green every time she reads. Literally, everything turns green when she tries to read. That was her only symptom. The eye doctor definitely saw something of large proportions behind her eye. She has been fighting infection after infection (totally unrelated....but infections like bladder infections, kidney infections etc) for about a year, non stop.
I want so badly to rule out cancer. Chemotherapy has almost killed her, so she does not want to go down that road again.  We are going nuts, wondering if she might have to have her eyes removed.

Do you know what else this 'seeing green' might be symptomatic of?

She has diabetes, cholesterol problems,  blood pressure problems, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis........and, the list goes on. She is not at all overweight, eats better than most people (or, at least she did....before they had to remove all her teeth a few weeks ago). ....
Her health is a total mess, to be honest. I would not want her quality of life to get any worse.
Any glimmer of hope that it might be something other than cancer?
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Yes it could be something other than cancer. Always that chance even if small. She needs to see retina ophthalmologist for special tests like OCT.  Continue to hope, continue to pray.

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Thank you for that little bit of hope. We are, of course hoping and praying that it will not be cancer.

Have you ever heard of someone seeing green like that before?

I hope there is such doctor as a retina ophthalmologist in Ireland. I will start looking into that. Thank you.
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No I have not had a patient I recall come in and say that things looked green when they read. I'm sure Ireland will have a retina MD they are usually on the facultyof medical schools in the Dept of Ophthalmology

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