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Help: There is seriousely something in my eyes, but docors say there's not

Hello everyone. I realy need some help.
It's been 3 days that i seriusely feel like there is something in my eyes. (Both eyes) but i dont feel it on the surface of eyes. Most of the time I feel it in the inner corners of both of my eyes. As if there is something inside the corners of my eyes.

I had a haircut a few days ago and i suspect some very little hair has fallen into my eyes.

The location I feel it in changes.
Sometimes i have the feeling in the right corner and sometimes the left corner. And sometimes in the lower eyelid.
I visited two eye specialists and they both examined my eyes and said there is nothing wrong.
The morning after tg
He day i visited the first doctor, i woke up pulling out 2 thick eyelashes from the left corner of my right eye. (Eventhough the doctor had said there is nothing in my eyes just the evening before). So i went to another specialist yesterday evening, but he said there isn't anything in any of my eyes.

Note: I always use artificial tears everyday already. And i did before having this feeling in my eyes.

Its super annoying everyone. I'm scared it could hurt my eyes. I can even feel the sharpness of it.

Could something actually be hidden in the corners of my eye? (The doctor even looked up my tear duct and said everything is fine.)

But could something have really gotten into my eyes and gone under my skin so that doctors can't find it? Is it possible?

Thank you everyone
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Before telling someone there is nothing in the eye it is mandatory to every the upper lid and look there. Many things 'hide out' there'  If your lid was not everted it was not checked properly. Also the use of a yellow dye is indicated to see if any surface scratches on the eye and the dye helps visualize tiny foreign bodies.  If these tests were done, and your symptoms persist I would see an ophthalmologist, especially with the holidays coming on
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Hello, thanks for your reply.
Both doctors were ophthalmologists and eye surgeons.
And yes, they both everted my upper eyelid in the examination. And also looked up my eyes through their equipment.
But they did not use the yellow dye that you're mentioning.

Is there a possiblity that something has gone into the corner of my eyes and has been hidden there in a way that even the ophthalmologists can not see it through their examination? Is it possible that something like an eyelash has gone into the corner of my eye and under my skin? Is such a thing possible?

Note: the ophthalmologists even looked into my tearducts through his equipment and said nothing is stuck there.
Lost my first rely.  Sometimes a 'foreign body sensation' can come from irritated area on the eye. Suggest using artificial tears in both eyes 6 times/day for 5 days to see if that heals any irritation or washes micro-ebris out of eye.
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