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Help with the diagnosis, please

I am 28 year asian male, doctor by profession, I have similar problems of glares, halos and star burst. Problem started almost 2 years ago, and graduallly has gotten worse.

Have been to ophthamologist and cornea specialist, had cornea topography, glaucoma, cataract, all sorts of workup but nothing positive, no diagnosis could me made.

I also have rapid eyelid twiching, which I do not know is whether is part of the same disease or no. Initially ophthamologist told me my symptoms are from dry eyes, I have used, systane, refresh, restasis, steroids, dry eye multivitamins, fish oil, and now I have punctal plugs. I have tried antiglare coating for glasses, nothing takes the glare, starburst and halos away. Symtpoms are worse at night.

I never had any kind of eye surgery done, used to wear contacts, but discontinued contacts 6-7 years ago.

I do not know if any one has any clue, regarding what could be the potential diagnosis. Would be greately thankful for any help.

And yes TSH level was a little on lower side, do not know if hyperthyroidism could explain symtpoms? My judgement is it will not, but any comments or help is welcome.
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You have had a thorough work up.  I would also suggest wavefront analysis, looking for higher order aberrations which might cause these symptoms.  If there is irregular astigmatism, a gas permeable contact lens would help.
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