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I live in london, I have suffered with my left eye since the age of five. Due to an accident at this age, it caused my left eye to turn inwards. I have had 3 eye op's one at 8yrs, 14yrs and 26yrs to correct this. I am now 49. But at the age of 37 i was a passenger in a taxi when joy riders went into the back of it. not long after i started seeing double. At 42 i had surgery to try and correct it, did not work, i have also had Botox in my left eye which also never worked. At 45yrs i was told there was nothing they could do, apart from cover the left eye or opperate on tmy good eye, of course i declined. So at the age of 49yrs not only do i have pernament Diplopia, i am also in alot of pain with my left eye. constant headaches, and the corner of my left eye is really sore and what it looks like to me is loads of broken blood vessels, which looks very unsightly. I am long sighted and wear glasses, i also have prism in my left lens which is quite high it is 10. Please dont say its age i dont accept that. I am desperate to get some real answers.
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If you are long-sighted (far sighted) that may be the cause of your eye crossing, not the accident.  This does make a difference to your situation as an adult but you may never be able to determine the actual cause.

The inner corner of your eye looks bad all the time because there is a lot of scarring of the conjunctiva due to the multiple eye surgeries.  This is difficult to fix, and would probably require a conjunctival graft (taking eye skin from your right eye and putting it on your left eye).  It sounds like the inner muscle of your crossed eye has had all the surgery it can take, in which case the only option is to go over to your other eye.  Although I understand that you are very reluctant to consider this, I assure you that it is a common surgical treatment.

Also, 10 prisms is not a terribly high amount of prism if it is controlling your double vision.  There is no need to put it all in one lens, it should be split between the lenses which makes the glasses much more comfortable.

I would suggest that you get an evaluation at a facility that is deeply knowledgeable about adult strabismus.
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Thank you for your reply. I have never been offered anything you mention. The last time i saw some one regarding the double vision was in moorfields eye hospital in london. They offered to do surgery on my good eye to put it in line with my bad eye, but there was no quarentee it would work. I have never had problems with my right eye. I have also never had prisms in my right lens, its always been the left, despite having prisms i still have double vision. My left eye is not that far off, people dont notice that, what they do notice is the redness in the corner. My Doctor gave it a name but i cant remember what it was, but then he is not an eye specialist. I have begged him now for two years for a referal to the eye specialist, but he said he will only do this if the redness covers the pupil which would cause me to go blind in that eye. I recently had an eye test, and he has giving the referal for me.
You say something about eye skin from my right eye for my left, cant a donated eye be used if you know what i mean. You also say that been long sighted is more likely the cause of the lazy eye, which has never been said to me before.
My left also feels like its bulging out, and the pupil is alot larger than the right, i also have a burning sensation on the eye lid and around the eye itself..Cant laser treatment help with scar tissue or to try and correct the eye? To operate on my good eye that i love so much, scares me to death..I am sorry if what i say is all over the place, but its how i feel.
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