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Hi! Could someone please give me an advise regarding lattice degeneration?

2 weeks ago, i have been diagnosed with lattice degeneration (left eye). My symptom was that i keep seeing a sort of something that passes to my upper left eye vision. It is like an off white/grayish curtain that is being flipped. Like it has been blown by air, thereby causing the edges to flip. I do not know if that is what a "flashes" is.I also see some sort of reflections or shadows on the same area from time to time. With regards to floaters, i have had them for a year now. They are no more than 2-3 squiggly lines. I am rarely bothered by them. The doctor told me that i need to undergo laser treatment to diminish the risk of developing a retinal detachment. That really scared me. I have read several articles, posts, and commentaries regarding lattice degenaration and most of them said that it is best to leave it alone and just constantly monitor it. Some also said that lasers could also cause the retina to constrict and cause other previously healthy area around the retina to tear. Could someone please enlighten me on this PLEASE. Thank you very much!
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I would strongly suggest that you get a second opinion from a Eye MD specializing in retina surgery.  Lattice occurs in 6-7% of the population. I have it in both eyes. Most cases don't need any treatment.  Moreover your symptoms are not likely to be caused by lattice.  So get second opinion, retina surgeon.
Thank you! I was really opting for a second opinion on this matter though it has been really hard because there is only one retina specialist here in our locality and he is the one who recommended laser treatment.
Where do you live?  Anyone within 3-4 hours drive would be worth consulting.
I live in a small province in the Philippines. I would need to travel by airplane and several other mode of transportations in order to find another retina specialist.
Then you really only have two options:  1. Have the surgery  2. not have the surgery.    If you have another ophthalmologist (a general or comprehensive ophthalmologist you could ask them if they live in your town). If the retina person has a monopoly it's up to you to decide yes or no
I have decided not to do laser yet and i am still finding ways in order to get a second opinion. I am deeply troubled, that i admit, but i just couldn't just go say yes to a laser treatment right away with still so many questions going in my mind.  As precautionary, i just try to avoid strenous activities and try to get as much sleep as i can to give my eyes enough rest. THANK YOU very much for answering my query. I really appreciate it.
Best of luck. I have never had to have my lattice treated. I am a -2.75 myope
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