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Hi, I see a dark spot when I look extreme side.

Hi, I see a dark spot when I look extreme side. I am 20. Is it okay? It is similar spot to when you press on either corner of eye and a black dot grows in side of vision.    
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Hi, I have update.  Today I had an eye examination with the same doctor than before. During the examination, she dilated the pupils and looked into them with a tool that was attached to the table. I don't know if it was a direct or indirect ophthalmoscope. Then she did an examination where I looked at a dot in the middle and the machine seemed to look at my eyes and then made a flash, probably taking a picture of my eyes. The result of the examination is that everything is fine. Is it possible that she would not find, for example, a tear in the retina or something similar? Because when I look at the white wall and look up quickly, flash appears approximately in the middle of my eye. If I do it against a dark background, I can't see the flash. The flash has the shape of a slightly larger dot (bright color). I have also seen floaters in that eye for about 6 months.  Thank you.
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Depends on her training     Optometrist or Ophthalmologist Eye MD?
She is an ophthalmologist for about 15-20 years.
So your problems has not changed since Oct 19 and you have two normal eye exams. Unless something changes or something new develops I would quit worrying about it and move on with your life.
Ok, thanks for your answer. But I still don't know what the flash is when I look up quickly. My doctor doesn't know what it is. It is not even a flash, but rather a small bright round shape that is created by the movement.
I'm pretty sure is is a pressure phosgene, a form of entopic phenomena, caused by the pressure of the superior rectus that moves eye up on the underlying retina. read the section in Wikipedia.com on entoptic phenomena. Many posts on this site about same.
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A dot in the vision opposite where you press on the eye is normal and a pressure phosgene a form of entopic phenomena.  While the one you see in extreme gaze is likely the same or seeing your nose with the inturned eye you should see an Eye MD for an complete exam with visual field.
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Thanks for your answer. Everybody at Quora wrote that this is very serious and I need to see a doctor now. So i dont know what to do. I live in Slovakia and I was at Eye doctor 3 months ago. She does basic exams, but she refused to dilate the pupil, i dont know why. I see those spots in good light and when I look at the white wall.
That is a different deal if you see all the time.  You posted you saw when pressing on the eye and in extreme lateral gaze. If you see all the time you need to see Eye MD ophthalmologist, need dilated, need amsler grid, visual field testing and macular OCT.  If possible go above the level of the eye doctor that saw you last time, perhaps to a medical school or medical center department of ophthalmology.
Sorry, my English is not that good. I don't see it all the time. I see it in extreme lateral gaze when the room has good lighting. For example. If I stand in a bathroom with good lighting and white walls, if I look at extreme gaze, then I see it. Thanks.
Then my first comment is the appropriate one.
Thanks for the additional answer. I have one last question, can this problem be related to a condition called papilledema? When I searched on google I found something about it, so I'm worried. Thank you for your time.
Hello, I don't know if the Dr. will have much more to add.  Best to get in to get a full exam by an eye MD opthalmologist.  If you are like me you will  drive yourself crazy by looking up your symptoms on the internet.   Use this site and internet searches for reference not for diagnosis (in my opinion).  Best of luck to you and Happy New Year from the US.  Please let us know how you Dr. visit goes.  Regards,  Jim
Hello, thanks for the reply. I know I won't get a diagnosis over the Internet :) The only thing I want to know from the Dr. is whether Papilledema can be related to it. I have to wait 4 weeks to get to the ophthalmologist. Thank you and Happy New Year. :))
No papilledema (PE)  would not be a common cause at all.  1. patents with PE generally do not see a dark spot but it does show up as an enlaged blind spot on visual field testing.  2. If it was PE it should be present in all situations not just looking to the side.  3. PE comes from increased pressure in the head/brain and almost all patients have other symptoms such as headache or vomiting.
Thank you. :)
You are welcome. Do check it out but I suspect all will be well.
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