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High Myopia - Is there anybody out there?

Hi everyone.

I'm 35,with  really high myopia ( -17 in left eye and -22 in right eye)astigmatism  and cataract in right eye not impairing sight. Use rigid gas permeable contacts and get along "fine".

Have had gas bubble in left eye and laser in both for retinal tears/holes.
The only procedure I'm considering is IOL when absolutely necessary.

I've never heard of anyone with myopia this high. i'm really worried about future prospects.

I know people with similar conditions can have different outcomes but can anyone with high myopia ( even if not like mine) please give any input or useful information?

Many thanks.

Wishing you all the best,

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Hi sophia. I don't know what sort of information you're looking for but as a fellow person with a high degree of myopia I know that you're worried about what may happen later on. From some of the research that I've done and from talking with my doctors I know that people with myopia are at a greater risk for developing retinal tears, glaucoma and other eye problems so it is best to make and keep yearly eye exams.

As a 23 year old having been born with ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) I have recently undergone four surgeries to try and correct a recurring detached retina in what was my better eye. Also, I do have an IOL which was put in at the same time I was udergoing my second surgery. It is frustrating and frightening to think what may happen as I get older, since I am down to the use of only one eye.

Make sure you know all the risks of cataract surgery before you go through with it.  It may cause a detached retina.
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Dear berrywoo,

Thank you for your reply. I do wish you the very best possible outcome.
I have done some research and continue doing so perhaps in search of some kind of
Maybe its silly but sometimes just exchanging whatever sort of information with other people helps.
I even read about "electronic eyes" which have already been proven to work but still don't have
much resolution and I suppose aren't marketable yet...
For now I do get my retinas checked regularly. I try not to overdo computer use and close work and
rest my eyes every 15 or 30 minutes when I do so. I also try to not overdo certain physical activities.
Even if it doesn't help, in recommended amounts it won't hurt so I take vitamin and mineral  
supplement comtaining luthein(?) and zeaxantine (?) as well as salmon oil  which contains omega 3
( EPA and DHA).
Wishing you and everyone the best, Sophia
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By the way, thank you.
I am aware of the risks of cataract surgery and will only have this procedure when it is absolutely
necessary.Glaucoma also scares me and if those "electronic eyes" ever really  become available they will be of no help to people with their optic nerve impaired.
I even tried searching homeopathic alternatives but found no answers...
I guess at least we have hope and making the most of what we have!
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If you are successful at wearing your hard contact lenses I would advise you  to continue to do that.  The only possible surgical option is called a phakic implant and they only come in a power as high as about -17 so you could consider it in your right eye.  That would give you the freedom of seeing when you wake up in the middle of the night. You could continue to wear the hard lens in your left eye. You can find more information about phakic implants and sugeons in your area by doing a google search on STAAR Visian lens implant or AMO Verisaye lens implant. Do not consider a procedure called clear lensectomy where your lens is removed and replaced as that dramatically increases the risks to your already fragile retinas
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Dear Doctor/Doctors,

Thank you for your reply! Have been away from computer. What I´'ve decided for now is to use the
RGP contacts for as long as I can. With -17 ( left eye) and -22 I really don't have good vision with
glasses ( aesthetics aside).I just hope the cataract in my right eye takes a long time to develop
enough to impair my vision or require surgery. At that time I will have no other choice but to get non
phakic IOLs. By the way does the power I require limit my choices in any way ? I have astigmatism
as well though I don't know how much exactly.

Are there specific measures or products you can advise to help my corneas tolerate lenses as
long as possible?

Thank you in advance for yor attention.

Wishing everyone the best,
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No your high myopia will likely not limit your IOL (intraocular lens) choices. Remember that the technology for IOLs changes very fast and the IOLs used in 2-3 years will be different that those now (better for one or the other reason).  In some instances now with very high power TWO IOLs are put in the eye (piggy-back IOLs).

To maintain your contact lens tolerance have your contact lens and eyes checked at least annually (every 6 months would be better), replace them yearly (ridgid gas permeable contacts don't last much longer than soft CTL and not nearly as long as the very old fashion hard plastic contact lens. Consider removing your contact lens and wearing you glasses in the evening when you're "in for the night". That may not work for you but if it doesn't no problem. Keep you eye moist with artifical contact lens wetting solutions and artificial tears.

I have several 70 year old patients that wear contact lens.

JCH III MD  Ophthalmologist
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