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High Myopia To My 6 Years Old Daughter

My six years old daughter was diagnosed as high myopia three years ago and present eye sight is -8D and -8.5D. Cylindrical power also progressing to -3 and -3 in both the eyes. She has been wearing lens glaces last three years and doing well in her studies. I am seeking for an advise/suggestions to prevent myopia progression and latest available treatments to correct the vision, as it may worse along with her growth. I am worrying about her cylindrical power growth, how to prevent damage to cornea or cornea detachment or retina? Pls help me.
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That's a high prescription for a six year old.  Make sure you are seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist with a cycloplegic refraction.  There are some things you could do to try and slow it down.  Main thing is for her to not read more than 30 minutes at a time without relaxing her eyes for a few minutes and looking at something distant.  There may be other options including eye drops but you would have to discuss those with a pediatric ophthalmologist.

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