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High Myopia and Nystagmus

I am 27 years old male. My spectacles power is Right Eye: -12.5 with -2.0 & 10 degrees, Left Eye: -10 with -2.0 & 180 degrees. Both eyes nystagmus and right eye amblyopia (Had squint surgery when I was 7).

Having these problems are common or do I need to take any special care for my eyes ? What complications I may  have in future with these problems ?

I heard that by using contact lenses I can have better vision. Is this true ? If it is correct please suggest best suitable contact lenses for me.

What are the refractive surgery options I have and which suits best for me ?
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Yes you have high myopia, nystagmus and amblyopia. Those are diseases. It is not possible to tell you what will happen with your vision as you get older. You are at increased risk of cataracts, glaucoma, myopic macular degeneration and retinal detachment.  You can start with having an annual examination with an eye MD ophthalmologist. In my opinion your situation is too complex to see a non-MD optometrist. You also need to avoid trauma to your eyes, live a healthy lifestyle, wear proper eye protection, avoid contact sports and amusement park rides that whip and jerk the head around. You will see better with contact lens as the image is larger than with glasses. You would likely need daily wear toric lens. You can ask your ophthalmologist about this. Refractive surgery would require an examination of your eyes, measurement of things like thickness and radius of curviture of the cornea and axial length. I would avoid intraocular procedures (within the eye) such as intraocular contact lens and so called refractive-clear lens exchange.
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Thanks for your valuable suggestions. Yes, you are right. I even had laser for retinal holes twice in last five years. I am kind of curious to know which is more complex in my situation; Being high myopic or having nystagmus?

I cannot able to work longer times on my computer, I feel some sort of pain in my eyes after an hour or something like that. And same thing happens even when I am reading. Is this because of nystagmus ? What kind of complications generally people have due to nystagmus.?

As per my career needs I am planning to work on my computer and books around twelve to fourteen hours a day for four to five months. Technically is it possible ? Please suggest me some solutions regarding this issue.
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High myopia is the biggest problem because it can be progressive and lead to other problems while nystagmus usually has caused all the problems its going to cause by age 5-6.   There are a number of problems you might have with your reading/computer vision. It would take a very patient ophthalmologist to work through them with you.  Your best luck might be with a strabismus (pediatric) ophthalmologist.  Your problems might include having improper glasses RX especially if you are "over-minused", you might have convergence insufficiency. You may need bifocals even at your age or special reading/computer glasses. You may have dry eyes and may need to use artificial tears.  When you do your computer work every 10 minutes look up from the screen, look across the room, focus on a distant object and blink forcefully 5-6 times. This moistens the cornea and prevents the focus muscle from "cramping".  It sounds simple enough but can make a huge difference.   I described this in an article for "O" Oprah Winfrey's magazine several years ago and go scores of e mails from people it helped.  JCH MD
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