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High Myopia

I have high myopia. -9 in both eyes. I also have astigmatism. Right now I wear toric soft contact lens.
I'm concerned they don't make toric soft contact lens if my myopia gets worse.
Do they make toric soft contact lenses with power greater than -10?
Please help.
Thank you.
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At your age the odds are your prescription won't be changing much so it seems unlikely you will need to worry about it. Unfortunately it is true that some people with very high myopia have "pathological myopia" that may get worse, but it doesn't seem something to worry about unless  there are signs of it. Have you paid attention to how much your prescription has shifted over time, or if you are concerned perhaps you could ask your doctor to pass along the info?

.I've seen a couple of brands with toric corrections that go up to -10 so you don't need to worry about it yet. (I usually didn't need toric contact lenses, but I had a cataract shift my astigmatism temporarily up to -4D, while being -9.5D myopic, though the astigmatism reduced to being small before it then shifted it to be more myopic so I could get away with a spherical lens, it was up to  -19D before surgery).

One question is how large the astigmatism is, can you get away with perhaps using a spherical lens instead that doesn't correct for it, since spherical lenses come in higher powers. I don't know what the breakpoint is for a prescription as high as yours, this article gave one guideline:

"ODs have often turned to spherical lenses in the past because they have few, if any, rotational issues; however, they are not designed to provide astigmatism correction and toric lenses have since improved considerably. Some patients with low levels of astigmatism can tolerate spherical lenses, but at which point is it best to fit a soft toric instead of a spherical lens? “I think once you get above 0.75D of astigmatism, if the patient’s spherical component is below plus or minus four, you should really be thinking about a soft toric as opposed to a sphere,” Dr. Benoit says. “And if a patient’s distance component is greater than a plus or minus four, when they get to about 1.25 cylinder, you really need to consider (a toric).”

I can't remember what a more general guideline is, I'm not sure if an even higher level might be workable for someone with a prescription above -10.

In the past I've seen reference to places that custom make soft contact lenses, like ArtOptical and Abb Optical, which go up to like -20 (perhaps higher), including for toric versions. I don't know how they compare to the major off the shelf brands, or what brands exist or how they compare. There are also labs that make custom RGP lenses.
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Thank you so much!
I appreciate this information.
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