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High Order Aberrations?

I see slight ghosting of text above the actual text in high contrast situations, such as white text on black background. I also see halos around bright lights at night. This is in both eyes, and both of these problems go away when I look through a pinhole.

I went to the eye doctor, and he said I do not have astigmatism/cataracts (I was checked while dialated) and that other than being very slightly nearsighted, my eyes are completely healthy. Niether glasses or contacts alleviated the ghosting or halos, and he suggested that aberrations could be the cause of my problems.

In a previous thread, Dr. Sandra Brown had suggested that vertical ghosting was typical of the high order aberration known as "coma". If this the case, what are my options? Will laser surgeries absolve this problem?

Thanks again in advance! Sorry if I shoul dhave posted this in my old topic
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Why don't you get an evaluation with an ophthalmologist that is a refractive surgeon as well.  A wavescan or aberrometer type machine should be able to answer your questions.  If your vision is excellent and no significant refractive error present then refractive laser surgery is out of the question.  I suspect a much more advanced refraction machine like a wavescan may show refractive error and possible higher order aberrations not previously  known.  There are a few glasses chain stores that can create wavefront quality type glasses.  Perhaps an option for you.
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