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High prescription, glasses blurry

I'm 44 years old.  I do have allergies and I think some of my vision issues are caused by that.Have -13 in both eyes.  Had a torn retina in both eyes and laser surgery.  I have glaucoma and have been taking drops for about 4 years. I have gone to the same ophthalmologist for over 19 years and feel very comfortable with him but he is about to retire so I had to find a new one.  Of course they freak out over my eye pressure and damage to the optic nerve.  Which puts me in a panic.  The other issue is I have a pair of 5 year old prescription glasses that I never but I started seeing foggy and not well with my contacts which were old also.  I went to an optometrist close to home and they told me I had keratitis bacteria on both corneas and gave me an antibiotic drop and a steroid drop.   I called my ophthalmologist and he said to get off the steroid because of my eye pressure.  To make a long story short I cant wear contacts for a while and I can't see well with my glasses.  I can't really drive or work.  My new ophthalmologist wants to concentrate on my pressure first and have me come back in two weeks with these new drops he is putting me on twice a day.  They said my refraction is fine on my glasses and when they had me reading letters my vision is the same as my glasses.  Then why can't I see as well with my glasses?  Is it just anxiety and that maybe I didn't realize how bad it was since I just hardly ever wore them except before bed?  Or is it just that my infection has to get better even though the eye doctor took me off the antibiotic drops because the infection cleared up. But gave me an antihistamine drop for once a day  I don't know.  I am so scared and hate to wait two weeks.  I need new glasses I guess.  Oh and it takes so long to have them made.  
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Your biggest problem is your glaucoma so make that your priority. With your glasses RX you will never see as well with glasses as contacts because the glasses make things much smaller (minification) than your contacts. Moreovere at age 44 you either need now or soon will need reading glasses over your contacts or switch to bifocal contacts (not very successful) or do the monovision thing (one eye distance one eye near) and your glasses will need to be bifocals.

Moreover to add to the misery wearing contacts, especially gas permeable contacts, can 'warp' the cornea such that both glasses and contacts may be blurry and it can take weeks to months for the cornea to rebound to an unwarped shape.

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