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How bad can Higher Order Abberations get?

I see 20/40 and 20/25 which isn't bad. My glasses make me see better then 20/20 even though it's a 20/20 prescription. However I see star bursting, halos, minor glare issues and ghosting on contrasted lines. The ghosting is noticeable on TV screens, and building signs/ store signs etc. even on metal beams on dark walls I see a faint ghost around it. I also see sparkles protruding from metal surfaces like padlocks.

Glasses mitigate the problem by making the HOA's smaller in radius, and fainter compared to the light source. They don't perfect it though.

The ghosting and the HOA's have gotten worse the last few months but it seems the progression is slowing down. I don't know how much of the progression is objective (eye) and whats subjective (noticing more and more/ focusing/ confirmation bias.) But I'm worried it's gonna continue to get worse. It's becoming an obsessive thought and it makes me worried about keratoconus and corneal dystrophy and stuff like that which is unlikely.

When do higher order abberations normally stabilize, and can they be reduced?

If it's due to corneal abrasions, or corneal irregularities, what can I do diet wise to help my cornea.

Could intacs be a solution?
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I would not assume that your symptoms are due to higher order aberrations without a complete eye exam. See an ophthalmologist for a full evaluation, including dilation. Cataracts can cause some of these symptoms. Ketatoconus and corneal dystrophy can be diagnosed on exam and topography tasting. Don't obsess over this, and try to find the problem, or your brain will never adapt and learn to ignore the images.
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