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How common is pigmentary dispersion syndrome?

Hello. I have recently learned of this and I have become quite concerned about it mainly cause I fit the risk factors for it: young male, white and myopic. My eye color is grey/green if that makes a difference

How common is this syndrome? And is there anything that can be done to prevent this? I guess I do have anxiety and worry about this. And research gives me mixed answers on how common this is or it's prevalence. So I'm just curious about it.
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Not likely you have anything to worry about. Syndrome is relatively rare, occurs in BROWN eyes and mainly hyperopic (farsighted) individuals. next time you have your eyes examined ask the Eye MD to check for "Krukenberg Spindle".
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Thank you Dr. Hagan. This is interesting because everything I have read said this mostly occurs in myopes. Then again, there are not a lot of resources from what I see.

Thank you again, this puts my mind at ease a bit.
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I re-read my response and there is an error.  Pigmentary glaucoma is more common in myopes but more severe in hyperopes.
Just seeing this now, but I see. I'm assuming both the pigment dispersion syndrome and pigmentary glaucoma are still relatively uncommon? I hate that this is something I have no control over haha
Hope you are dealing with it. In the overall schema of eye problems this would be consider extremely minor with low likelihood of developing problems. An annual eye exam with an ophthalmologist with a nerve fiber layer and macular OCT should detect any problems long before any significant eye problems develop.  If you were one of minute few that develop pigmentary glaucoma drops or SLT laser almost inevitably control.  
Just so I'm clear, I have not been diagnosed with PDS or PH, mostly just have anxiety over the idea that I could get it so was curious on it's prevalence.

But if you're asking if I'm dealing with my anxiety, then yes I am actually. Starting therapy soon.

It's good to know though that if this does ever occur then this relatively minor, which makes  me feel a bit better. Sorry about this, I'm sure you deal with a lot of anxious questions
PG* I mean, not ph
Good luck with the anxiety.  It is an epidemic. Many good medical and behavior therapies to treat.
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