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How long does redness last after Pterygium surgery?

Hello, I had a small pterygium removed 5 weeks ago, using the amniotic graft method.  It has been 5 weeks and my eye is still very sensitive and the inner corner of my eye is very red.  It looks worse than before I had the surgery.  Also, you can still see where the graft was tucked in.  When will the redness subside and when will the graft blend with rest of eye so it doesn't look like a big bump?  My doctor said that should have happened a couple weeks ago so now I am getting worried.  Thank you.
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There are several discussions about this type of surgery on the forum and you can use the search feature to pull up and read.  Almost all are about how long it takes to heal and how red and irritated the eye looks and feels.  Also these are so individual and unique that it is impossible to generalize.  OFTEN: it takes 3-6 months for the surface of the eye to whiten and flatten.
Thank you so much- just read some discussions on this but could not find any on how long for surface of eye to flatten, so I very much appreciate your response.  I’m ok with waiting as long as it does some day flatten out!  
The thing that will help most but needs to be monitored carefully are the steroid eye drops. Do confirm closely with your surgeon
Hello, yes I am currently now on 1 drop a day of pred forte for 2 more weeks, and then he said to use 1 drop every other day for another 2 weeks, and then stop.  Tried using Lotemax but it made my eye super itchy and irritated.  Thank you so much.
Best of luck
Thanks Dr.  One more question - is there a chance it could stay red/irritated forever or does it usually always heal in 6-12 months?  Just thought I’d be more far along at 5 week point.   Thanks
It never heals ‘fast enough’. In rare cases revisions or excesion of excess tissue is done but that is the exception rather than the rule.
Hello again- I went to get a second opinion yesterday as it is now almost 7 weeks and no improvement.  This doctor suggested that I am not healing well due to my dry eye and to try punctual plus and Xiidra eye drops to help recovery.  Does this sound reasonable?  I have tried Xiidra before and it just makes my eye more red and stings.  Thanks!
Punctual plugs. Yes reasonable. More frequent use of non-preserved artificial tears yes.  Xiidra: No especially if you tried it and it caused redness and irritation.  Outlandishly expernsive and takes 4 months to full engage.  For long term severe dry eyes restasis works much better and is much less expensive but it takes 4-6 months to ‘kick in”
Ok great, thank you again - very helpful to get your opinion!
Best of luck
Hello!  I have another quick question- I am now using 1 drop of the steroid Pred-Forte in my eye every other day.  On the days that I do not use the drop, my eye is very red. On the days I do use the drop it is more of a pink color and looks better.

I am supposed to quit the drops next week as it will be 9 weeks post pterygium surgery.  Is there an alternative I can use besides this steroid drop that will help with redness?  I have tried non preserved artificial tears such as Retaine, Refresh Mega 3 and Systane Balance and none remove the redness.  Thank you.
The artificial tears should be continued as last thing in the world you want is for the surface of the eye to dry out. you should talk to your surgeon.   You are healing slower than many people  The surgeon may want you to continue PF at a reduced rate such as one every 3rd day or switch to a lower dose steroid that is safer for long term use such as Lotemax.   Just to whiten you eye without treating the dryness or inflammation try Lumify. Its new over the counter and whitens without creating rebound redness like Visine does.
Thanks so much!! Yes I have appt with surgeon this week, will see what he says.  Appreciate your opinion as well, thanks!
You are welcome and hope for whiter eyes in the near future.
Hello, I am back with another question!  It is now 4 months post pterygium surgery and while my eye is not as red as before there is still a big bump where the graft was tucked in and it makes my eye look really odd as you can see it, and the inner corner is pink, not white.  
I saw another doctor who said they can remove this bump and place down another amniotic membrane that is not as small as the one I currently have so it looks more natural.  I’m worried to do a second procedure as this is such a slow healing process but at the same time I can’t even look anyone in the eye as it’s so embarrassing to have this weird bump.  Wanted to get your thoughts on if it’s a good idea or not?  Thank you.
No way I can answer that question.   So you have a second opinion that wants to operate, remove the bump and put down another amniotic graft. What does the first surgeon say?
Yes exactly.  First surgeon is saying to go back on pred forte steroid drops for a couple weeks then to work on combatting the dryness issue.  He was more concerned with the redness I still have and didn’t really confirm the bump will ever flatten.  But could the bump be what’s is causing redness as it’s not smooth for my tears to go over ?  Anyway at this point it is still so bad that I might go with second surgery as I don’t think it can get worse.  Thank you so much.
Don't ever, ever say "I don't think it can get worse"    
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