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How long for a Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD) to advance and complete?

I had an acute PVD in my left eye (with strabismus, -7.25 in contacts, -7.50 in classes) Nov 2018.  I had photopsia (flashing) with only minor floaters. Upon exam no tears, etc. The eye took approx. 6 weeks where upon it detached completely and the Weiss ring was visible. I had no issues other than flashing which with each week improved. At the Jan 2019 follow-up appoint Dr indicated a PVD was occurring in the right eye (-8.50 with contacts, -9.25 in glasses). No symptoms or changes in the PVD since the Sept 2020 appt.
I understand that I will likely encounter flashes and/or floaters when the right eye PVD advances and then the first several weeks will be critical for tear, etc.  My questions are: when is that likely to occur? Does it typically take this long? Will it behave similar to the left eye, or worse since that eye is more myopic. Is there a chance I won’t have a symptom’s?  No family history of retinal detachment. I also take drops for intraocular pressure that has been controlled (it was reaching 22 but last 6 appts, the range was 14-17) so it was more preventive since I have controlled Diabetes II and my Dad had glaucoma in his late 70’s. I am 58 yrs. old. Thank you!
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PVDs behave differently not only between people but from one eye to another. Many PVDs are asymptomatic and do not cause increase of floaters, no flashes, nothing.   For people that have symptoms usually the highest risk of retinal tear, retinal detachment or vitreous hemorrhage is in the first 6 weeks from the onset of symptoms..
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Thank you Dr. Hagan for this clarification. They sure are enigmatic!
If you mean PVDs. I explain it to patients it is like taking Jello out of the refrigerator and out of the mold and putting on a table.  It is solid (gel state) eventually it will turn into a liquid  state.  Same thing happens with the vitreous. How quickly this happens depends on many factors, as does the extent of which some gel persists. So yes it is complex and variable.
Great analogy! I know people with higher myopia can encounter can encounter more issues in the PVD process, but are you saying that is not always the case? Like in my situation it is possible that the right eye, which is taking awhile to complete, may not produce any symptoms? Here is hoping! Thanks again!
you are welcome.
I will just throw my experience out there.  

Left eye PVD was sudden event which resulted in retina detachment symptoms.  I didn't know what was going on at the time.  Flashes, lots of floaters which subsided after a couple days.  I even went on a 2k mile motorcycle trip not knowing any better.  Got home and noticed huge floater and went to eye MD.  He sent me directly to a retina surgeon (I mean like get there fast) and ended up with a vitrectomy once the in office procedure to repair failed.  I am very lucky I didn't cause more damage by not seeing a md sooner.  

I found and became a frequent visitor to this great site.

Six months later, noticed a flashing half circle in the center of the right eye.  Being much more attuned to retina issues now and having an established relationship with eye md, and asking questions of Dr. Hagan, I immediately went to Dr. and he found a partial pvd.   Five months later it caused 5 tears in the retina and, you guessed it, exactly one year from my left eye surgery I was in the hospital for vitrectomy in the right.  The retina surgeon said my vitreous was very sticky.

So it sounds like your are in good hands.  I found that all you can do is report any new "changes" promptly to the opthalmologist and get regular checkups to monitor.  My right eye partial pvd released and caused the tears  about a week after a good checkup by retina dr.  

Best of luck to you,  Jim
Thanks for your observations
Thank you for this information. I agree,  at this point hope for the best but be prepared for possible issues and address them ASAP. I am glad you are cleared now Jim! I understand after PVD's are complete (if there are no issues while having a PVD!!) it does reduce retinal issues such as detachement....so there is that.
best of luck
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