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How to stop the new FLOATERS being formed. Please reply me .

How to stop the new FLOATERS being formed. Please reply me .

I feel like floaters are increasing in my eyes day to day. i attended retinal tests in 3 hospitals, everything was perfect

and i donyt have any retinal tears.

What to do to control the new floaters ??
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Wear safety glasses (plane glass if you have no refraction error or prescription glasses if have refraction error) to protect eye from external trauma like poking,putting pressure on eye,rubbing etc.

Make sure your sugar levels are in normal ranges.

Do not give excessive strain to eyes, give proper rest by taking frequent breaks while reading,watching computer,TV etc & also sleep properly at night

Try to reduce stress & anxiety, particularly about eye floaters & other eye problems as it can create new floater's.

Good luck!
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Stress and anxiety do not create floaters but they make existing floaters worse since people that are anxious, depressed and stressed tend to fixate on them.

we do not know how to prevent floaters. They are a nomral part of aging 50% by age 50 and 75% by and 70.

A new medicine that will disolve floaters is under study. it is still experimental

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Thank You very much sir.

I am 25 years old from INDIA. And i dont know why i got floaters.

Will the floaters increase day by day ? I feel like they are increasing.

I can't able to concentrate on anything. Now i am just in the starting stage of my

Is there any need to wear sun glasses ? Please reply me sir.

How many years will it take to find the medicine for floaters ??

Once again thank you very much for your response.


i am also facing same problem ,since 2 months,please tell if you found any solutions for that eye floaters.
No medicine or drops to prevent floaters from forming
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Use the search feature and archives if you want to read the many many many extended discussion of floaters.

sun glasses in bright sunlight is good for the eyes but will not prevent floaters

It's just a guess but I suspect the medicine that disolves floaters will be available in 5-10 years.

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While sunglasses will not prevent floaters, polarized versions will help you cope with the floaters you have.  Lighter floaters are far less noticeable with sunglasses on, and the hazy outline many floaters get is greatly reduced as well.  They don't make the floaters go away, nor do you not see them at all, but the sure do help.
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Please tell me whether the floaters increase day to day. If so, what are the precautions to be taken to prevent the new floaters being formed.

Plz reply me sir. plz.. i am very much worried..please reply mee.
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