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How to treat the different opinions of different doctors?

A few weeks ago, I contacted eyeMD to check my retinal status, and he gave me the Iodized Licithin Tablets to relieve flying mosquitoes. But my fly mosquito disease has not changed, neither increased nor decreased. After using the medicine, I found eyeMD again. For some reasons, the two doctors were not the same person. The two of them dilated my pupils and checked the status of my retina, and both believed that my fundus was in good condition, without any degeneration and holes.But they have different suggestions for my daily life. One is to avoid being caught in the eye and not going to the amusement park. The other is to avoid jumping and lifting things.
1. How to treat the different suggestions of different doctors? Should we listen to one or both?
2. I didn't get the Iodized Lecithin Tablets again, does it mean that I don't need to worry about my flying mosquito disease?
3. For people with high myopia and normal retinal status, what do they really need to pay attention to? As a boy, can't I even undertake some physical work in life?
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1. If you consult 3 doctors you might bet 4 opinions. Doctors frequently disagree. I would go with the one you feel most confident in.
2. Lecithin has shown some promise in mice. But nothing has shown that it helps humans and its use in unproven and unusual.
3. Because of your high myopia you should avoid any activities that whip the head about  and bang the heaad. Hence do amusement type ride, no contact sports, lifting things is fine as long as you are not lifting something so heavy you have to strain extremely hard.
4. By 'flying mosquitoes" (not a diagnosis) I suspect you mean vitreous floaters. Licithin is NOT going to help floaters. There is no proven medication to make floaters go away.
Thank you for your reply. I want to know if the frequency of retina examination once every six months is appropriate? Will a healthy retina have new degeneration areas or holes in just one or two months or even a few weeks?
The retina does not regeneration because it is central nervous system tissue like the brain and spinal cord. The frequenty of your visits can only be determined by a eye MD that looks into your eyes and knows your detailed ocular condition.
The doctor didn't tell me about the frequency of visits. Both of them said that my retina was very good and normal. Because of high myopia, I have been insisting on my semi-annual examination. I wonder if you have seen a retina without degeneration or hole deteriorate or even detach in a few weeks?
I've been in practice long enough I have seen just about everything. There are some danger signals where you need to see your retina person immediately  Sudden onset new floaters especially many small ones, flashes of light like lightening, loss of periphral vison, distortion of vision in either eye, sudden reduction of vision, severe pain or sensitivity to light or severe redness are the ones primarily related to high myopia (RD and myopic wet (exudative) macular degeneration)
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