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How worried do I need to be about detached retina?

I'm 35 years old male, short sighted although not significantly so my prescription is low. Both my uncles have had detached retinas, one was from bungee jumping and then he got another following a car crash, the other Uncle got his following heavy lifting. My Father also had one due to cataract surgery complications. All of them got their detached retinas in their 50s or early 60s To me this indicates a certain susceptibility to detached retinas from certain trauma.

I don't play contact sports, I've bumped my head a few times,(never bad enough to need medical attention), been on a handful of theme park rides that involve rapid acceleration and sudden drops, as well as dodgems, have flown a lot and rub my eyes a lot.  Now my anxiety has naturally spiked and am wondering if certain actions raise the risk-Does vigorous nose blowing raise the risk? Regular eye rubbing? Being at high altitude in the mountains? Holding your breath? Straining your eyes to see something distant? Vigorous sex? (since the head can jerk back and forward at high speed repeatedly) Pushing against something really hard? Straining during bowel movements? The few times I got poked/struck in the eye as a child?

I last had a full routine eye exam in September and it was all clear. Am I worrying over nothing? Some of the countries I've been to and plan to go to don't have the great healthcare we in the West do, so a fear is that I get a detached retina in one of these countries.
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You are at increased risk of RD because of your family history and some basic precautions are appropriate.  It is never a good idea to blow your nose while occluding the other side, it is terrible to rub the eye raises IOP, can cause keratoconus, stop it. Holding your breath do it long enough an you die but won't cause RD.  Hi altitude not a prob lem.  Lifting anything with 70% or less of your full strength not likely to be a problem. your sex life, I'm not even going there.    Big problems are contact sports, direct trauma and amusement type rides with jerky head and body movements.
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