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I don't know what to do

I have eye mucus, itch, burning, ghosting and lots of other symptoms along with pain and discomfort. I've seen 1 optometrist, 3 ophthalmologists and a cornea specialist and they all tell me my eyes are fine and they can see nothing wrong. I'm miserable and I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any advice? I've been so depressed for the past year. I'm only 24! I've been given artificial tears, allergy drops and restasis and nothing gives me any relief. Could a mild steroid clear it up? I'm at the end of my rope.  I'm in pain.  Is there any place I can go to get this taken seriously? Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks.
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I too have some of your symptoms like episceleratis near iris,burning sensation,translucent floater both stringy & clumps of circles,itchy eyelids,occasional eye twitches,loss of eyebrow,scalp hair,ocassional eyelid infections like MGD,blepharitis etc for the past 1 year.

Saw may eye doctor's but no use recently i checked my thyroid & found i am little hypothyroid & after taking thyroid supplement some of the symptoms like eyelid twitching,burning sensation,eyebrow loss etc reduced to some extent.

So i suggest everyone to take a complete thyroid test like T3,T4,TSH,TPOAb.
rather than seeing eye as an isolated organ.
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your symptoms are pretty much the same as mine....all this started a year ago when i noticed clear transparent cell like floaters in a chain-like formation. i then noticed that my vision became slightly ghosted (faint in-focus ghost image a little above the real image). after that i noticed that my eye began to burn in a dull but chonic fashion. i sometimes would notice small red burst blood vessels just to the left or right of the iris. over the past few months i then noticed the ghosting getting a little worse (above and to the right of the image). this now makes traffic lights looks like massive honeycombed triangles (red lights are smaller in size than green lights). a pinhole or lowering my finger a little under my eyebrow removes all the symptoms minus the burning. later on i noticed that my inner ear began to ache though no hearing loss or tinnitus.

i seem to have a massive clear string-like floater that seems attached to something, ie, its not free flowing. it sort of feels like my vitreous is getting ready to detach but i'm not sure.

ove the past year or so i have figured my sudden rapid deterioration in sight either boils down to something happening with my vitreous, my pupil being injured or dry eyes. i seriously suspect dry eyes as sometime when i blink the image will go into perfect focus for a split second and then back to ghosting. though i'm suspicious that it might also be a pupil problem too.

i've tried an assortment of dry eye drops but nothing has seemed to work, tried vitamin a and d and flaxseed oil and again nothing, not sure exactly what is going or what started this bizarre process but i like you have been trying to find answers and thus far i havn;t been able to get a proper diagnosis.
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